Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just in Time for Halloween!!

Gallery shows up everywhere.
There I was, sitting in the living room watching "Scary... But True" (this is a show from 2001) and they are showcasing the Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana.

There are reports of the library being haunted by the "Grey Lady". The Grey Lady is said to be the ghost of Louise Carpenter, daughter of the founder Willard Carpenter. The ghost story is told that she haunts this halls, stairs, books & cases due to the fact that her father left almost all of his estate to the library.

On this particular episode 2 teenagers are in search of the Grey Lady. While searching, the Children's Reading Room, the female encounters an entity. A book flys off the shelf. Screams and sobbing ensues, and then as a close up of the girl's tear stained face flashes on the screen, there it is... The Fairy Tale by Walther Firle!! Not once but several times. The longest view of the print, is used as a backdrop during a long sob-filled monologue (that in my excitement of this discovery, tune out). Viewing this print in full color and it is enduring and heartwarming. But view it in night vision (because that is how all shows about ghosts & things that "go bump in the night" are filmed) and your hackles will raise, a lump will stifle your screams and the girl's eyes will raise from the book to stare straight into your soul...

Sorry, I just love Halloween and a good ghost story.
I found several sights with links to ghostcams, here are a couple:
If there are more, please feel free to leave here. IF YOU DARE!!!

Featured Print: The Fairy Tale by Walther Firle ~ This version is a framed giclee on canvas 3376-3067

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Anonymous said...

I love this show!! I have't seen it for years.