Monday, January 12, 2009

High Voltage Tattoo

Thanks to Trisha of New York, for this special find!! She spotted Pinkie and Blue Boy amongst the family photos, empty photo frames and candelabras. The frame in the middle also looks suspiciously familiar. It seems as if Victorian and vintage deco never went out of style.

"This photo is from You may know this name from the hit T.V. show LA Ink which airs on TLC. The Mistress of this parlor is Kat Von D. Tattoos are their main staple but maybe a little style of her will rub off onto the rest of us."

I enjoy the "Where's Gallery?" game this has sparked with some of our customers. Keep sending them in & I will keep posting them.
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Lori said...

well, she does have some nice things...but the effect is a bit over the top for me anyway...
thanks for stopping over to visit with me!!!

Anonymous said...

That pic is DA BOMB man! Nice! You are right to say vintage is never really out of fashion. You can see it on sites, tattoos, guitar designs and on tshirts!

Sharing this via Twitter with credits to you!

I have a feeling your blog is going to be STICKY!