Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AHHH Springtime in the Ozarks

Well the clouds have turned from grey to cotton white, the wind is not as icy & things are starting to boom, blossom & sprout everywhere. Perfect time to take breaks outside & enjoy nature. Of course "tipping thru the tulips" is not as easy as a task on a 15 minute break. But us girls will use any excuse to grasp at any extra rays of sunshine. The silence of our mental break was interrupted by a familiar cry. If you have never heard the cry or seen the dance here you go...

Once we heard that we froze & started looking where we were stepping. Time was ticking away, we started to get nervous. We weren't going to get to see them. TICK, TICK, TICK... then it happened...

3 beautiful eggs, perfectly nestled amongst the rocks and green blades of grass. With seconds left in our break we quickly grabbed a heavy metal stand and placed near the nest, hoping this will deter the mowers and random cars from crushing the small innocent birds.

Imaging we felt much like Lewis & Clark, great adventurers, discovering once in a lifetime treasures and scientifically inclined we stumbled upon another small treasure that we are needing help identifying.

The inhabitant will never tell it's secret but we would like to know who's name we should be mourning. We are torn between 2 species. Robin's egg or a Starling's egg? Please chime in... BTY Happy Earth Day everyone!! Go do something good for Mother Nature.
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So Shabby Pink said...

Oh, I love watching birds on the internet. So many live cams out there of falcons and eagles too.

Aren't they marvelous creatures?