Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Spot of Joe

Well a few months back I came across a blog that I instantly fell in love with. Loved enough that I actually signed up on my personal blogger. (Yes, I have that much to say that I can have a personal blog, twitter, Myspace & Facebook, actually quite :( sad)
A Latte in the Morning
The Oregon based blogger is not only a wonderful speaker, but she also has an adorable brood of red headed angels and an equally entertaining husband. Her blog features daily adventures, Wordless Wednesday (cheek squishing adorable pics of her children), updates on month long reviews (she is doing a Sensa review right now) & of course the all important FREE giveaways (I get goosebumps just thinking of freebies). Yes, there are several of these bloggers out there, but ALITM had the right amount of information, random opinions, cuteness & a splash of caffeine (OK I promise no more bad coffee references). The items that have been listed range from jewelry to a Fortamajig (a cool fort making apparatus that might be in Santa's bag this year). So if you need another guilt-free pleasure, check out ALITM & let us know if you get any cool freebies...

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