Friday, May 14, 2010

May brings us... Thomas

(Thomas at a company picnic in 2000)
Thomas came to us as a young man many, many moons ago. 1987 to be exact. His relationship with Mr. Bright started long before Gallery Graphics was even a twinkle of a thought. So to make the inevitable migration to our side was in his cards. Early on he proved to enjoyed being the "Go to Guy" & he kept that pseudo-name for over 20 years. The Sales Department recently welcomed him to the front & he has once again shown his versatility & skills.
His Favorite Image: 3352-6020 Reverence II by Judith Durr & 3352-4741 Cowboy Puppy by Robert Dawson
Favorite Item: Flue Covers
The Highlight of his day: He loves to hear the laughter of his coworkers.

To talk to Thomas or one of the other ST members, please call us at 1-800-367-4370. You may also visit us at or email us at

(And of course there is ALWAYS the video...)

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