Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Barbara Mock

Barbara Mock - American Impressionist Barbara Mock, is well known for her florals and still lives, peaceful scenes, charming cottages, ivy-framed birdhouses, whimsical gardening angels, delicate tea pots and tea cups and colorful dried flower wreaths. Her unique style of oil painting is structured with a strong sense of design and embellished with brush strokes varying from thin to bold. Barbara Mock creates delicate lace patterns and strong substantive blends of subdued color in subtle contrast with an inner strength and romantic flavor so perfect for traditional decor. Barbara Mock’s art career started in grade school where she was active in all art activities in her home town of Guthrie, Oklahoma until she finished high school. Barbara Mock then married Jim Mock and they had two children, Jeffrey and Cheryl. During the next 20 years, the Mock family lived in Dallas, Texas, Coral Springs, Florida and finally settled in Atlanta Georgia. During her staying each city, Barbara Mock continued to work at her art by exhibiting at local shows, teaching and studying with such noted artists as Richard Geotz, JoAnn McCrary, Raymon Froman, Bud Biggs and Naomi Brotherton.“My art has a big influence over me,” Barbara laughs. “I look at the world a little differently than most people. I have to study each new blossom and leaf. I really do take the time to smell the flowers. Each new painting is a challenge and a growing experience. I am so happy to be able to share my art with so many people.” Barbara Mock’s originals are in collections throughout the country and have been in many shows and have won many awards. Barbara Mock and Jim currently reside in a new home in the picturesque north Georgia mountains. They are the proud grandparents of a grandson,Ross Wilson and granddaughter Rachael. Barbara Mock is licensed and published exclusively by Bentley Publishing Group of Walnut Creek, California and distributed worldwide.
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