Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Year, New Employees

New Additions Everywhere!!

It has been awhile since we (namely Me) have posted anything, sorry been busy. But now we (me again!!) are ready to get some things done. We are happy to announce that we received 3 (NEEDED) additions. Out of thousands of applicants these are the lucky ones that made it!!

1st (left) we have MARY. She started in November as our NEW Network Administrator. She enjoys the wonderful people of Gallery Graphics, products & that is close to her home. If you stop by her office you find her favorite image, Laurie Snow Hein’s Playing Nurse As her first job in working with computers, she is already loving it!! And fitting right in.

Next is PAULA (Center) - She is the newest addition to our Sales Department. As you can tell from her picture, she a ray of sunshine. If she is not Pheasant hunting(OMG), playing with grandbabies, you will find her motoring along on the Road King!! Her Fav: The End of a Perfect Day by C. Warde Traver 3352-2978

And last but not least is RICHARD (Right) "Low Man on the Totem Pole". Poor soul came to our "Woman" dominated department. His attitude is "What's not to like - Great products, loyal customers, energetic co-workers (good answer) and a company with a sterling reputation!!" Also his willingness to do anything we ask of him has cinched his cubicle rights. His Fav Image: Agreeing with Mary on the image Laurie Snow Hein’s Playing Nurse but picking the Flue Cover 5400-4472.

So if you have not had a run in with these guys yet, don't worry they are calling all of our customers like mad (oh and Stephanie is calling out too!!). Reason for the urgency? The new catalog!! Did you get it? NO! Well, let us know by:

Phone: 1-800-367-4370


Fax: 417-475-6494

or even carry pigeon!! If you would like your pigeon back please send with return birdseed!! :)

For additional information on any products seen here or other items Gallery Graphics carry, please visit us at

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