Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April shower brings... MARCUS!!

Well it is time to meet one of the lucky people that work here at Gallery Graphics. The envelope please... and the winner is... Marcus!! (applause, yelling , screaming)
Marcus has been with Gallery Graphics for over 14 years. He has enjoyed working with many past employees, but really enjoys the employees of the present. The man can count with the best of them & Inventory Control is a game, no a passion of his. You think it sucks having to take inventory in a store? Try 3 1/2 entire warehouses!! Yeap he does this & recently started taking on additional purchasing responsibilities too. So if you need to know how much we have of something or if there is any "out in the warehouse" or even do you know where this might be... Marcus is your man.

Phone: 1-800-367-4370 ~ Email: ~ Fax: 417-475-6494
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